Yoga wheel - your new flexibility and strength partner


The yoga wheel: the new must try workout prop


Whether you are a keen pole dancer or haven't (yet !) had a go at it, you will be convinced by this uncredible prop. Created in the USA in 2014, we spotted it when it first appeared in France. Back flexibility, shoulder opening, strengthening, balance... "Waow... We need this!" The yoga wheel is ideal for those who are already flexy like for others who suffer when trying to do a "Ballerina" (pole trick) or feel they need back support or a "partner" to go deeper when working out.


Very sturdy (sure your buddy – whatever his weight – can also use it) but equally soft as, the wheel is lined with foam. It will support your moves, open your heart and will assist you into the chosen pose.



The yoga wheel is ideal to :


  • stretch in depth
  • help increase back and shoulder flexibility
  • stretch hip flexors and abdomen
  • open chest
  • massage the spine
  • release tension in the neck and back
  • increase self confidence (inverted poses)





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