Workshops, guests and events: pole dance and more

Worskhops, events, guests and fresh ideas all year round !



The first Handstands workshop on January 25 was a great success, we will be planning a second date during spring.


The sexy photo shooting was also a blast ! Lots of fun and professionalism. Anxious sexy ladies arrived the studio, giggling girls (just as sexy but far more confident) came out 30 min. later ! More dates for to come for those who couldn't get a slot. We "only" had 17 slots to offer...


On February 14, 14 couples shared a pole during two Tandem pole dance workshops. Not (or hardly) a complaint, no drop-outs, the guys all did really well. Some said they'd like to take regular classes !


Upcoming events...

On March 14 and 15, Geoffroy Letailleur, first runner up of the French National Pole dance competition, will be at the studio. For his first visit to Swiss studio, he will be giving 5 workshops. Signature moves, tips... The guy is as talented as he is fun.