Twerk & more

twerk & plus (= booty shake)


!! Workshops only (check FB regularly for dates)


Since Miley Cyrus put booty shake under the spotlights at the MTV VMA awards in 2013, the word and the dance style have become highly popular. Major Lazer and his Bubble Butt, Nicky Minaj with her song Anaconda, and Taylor Swift with Shake it off have contributed to make twerk mainstream. Even Victoria's Secret models shake their booty for the cameras backstage !
It's not as easy as you would think! Isolating your butt is a workout in itself, not to mention learning to isolate one cheek from the other... During this high intensity class, you'll learn the basic techniques and will blend the moves into a routine. Never heard about the Booty Clap or curious to know how to do an Around the world move ? Grab your booty shorts (or loose leggings) and book your class !











Duration: 1h

Content : technique - choreography

All level

What to wear: booty shorts or loose leggings (which don't restrict your butt's freedom to jiggle!), sneakers, kneepads (soft, without plastic)