Intermediate 1 level



You've got your open V, Outside Leg Hang (Scorpio) and Inside Leg Hang (Gemini). On both sides ? Yes or almost ? You've been doing it long enough now to know why it's important to work both sides. It's been a few months since you discovered that you are more ambidextrous than you originally thought and there is a good chance you're dreaming of doing the splits. Yes, the  You might also be starting to become familiar with the names of some pole dance champions, and you are proud of your bruises. Add some simple combos to your basic technique and the pleasure of starting to work on a spinning pole. Feeling dizzy yet?
















Duration : 1h15 (1h at lunchtime)

Attend the classes :  

Method : warm-up – technique – stretching

Prerequisites :  See 1st line of intro text ! - beginner level completed or equivalent