Classes for absolute beginners



This is the essential course to introduce complete beginners to pole dancing. It is a mandatory step if you have never pole danced before, as the course is the gateway to all other choreography or technical classes (except Clubber Style). To fully appreciate your chrome or brass dance partner, you must tame it gradually, developing your muscles at the same time. The neophyte phase is essential for laying the groundwork, which will help prevent you from getting discouraged. How to position yourself... Where to place your hands... Why here rather than there... You will learn the basic figures in static mode (the pole does not spin) as well as transitions and floor work.


No inverting yet, the neophyte is an entry-level course that will teach you the basic skills required to access all of the courses at the next level. You will discover new muscles, sculpt a new look and become familiar with the phrase “point your toes,” (an obsession we inherited from a French pole dance champion)...







Duration : 1h15 (1h at lunchtime)

Attend the class :3 to 4 times

Method : warm-up – technique – stretching

Prerequisites : none ! Really none...