how to book a tester class

Feel like taking a free tester class ? Want to buy a Summer or a regular pass ? Go down to the bottom of our home page "S'inscrire" and create an account. Send us a mail telling us what you want. We will credit your account accordingly. You will then be able to book your classes yourself.



welcome Maria Julia Aguiar

We are welcoming Julia on board ! Professional pole dancer, she has won many titles in pole sports, artistic pole and pole theatre competitions. Well known instructor, she has taught in many reputed studios around the world. She is also a coach and judge. You will benefit from her wide experience, whatever your level is !








Pole dance challenge +40

A year ago, we went out looking for 7 ladies aged 40+ (and even ++) ready to accept our challenge and take 7 pole dance classes. Women who wanted to challenge themselves first. After 2 weeks of training, each of them was able to say: "Yes, I can!". They ignored critics and prejudices. Some had NEVER done any kind of workout, never danced nor been to a fitness club. So what ? They followed their desire and did just as well as any younger neophyte pole dancer. Will you ?







Why Dissidance ?

You would love to try pole dancing, aerial hoop, twerk or body fly, but don't find the "courage" to. You think you are “too this,”  “too that,” “not enough this,” “not enough that” ... STOP RIGHT THERE! When you attend a pole dance or twerk class, you will be exercising and working out, burning calories and shaping your body… Just as much as you will forget your blocks and let go after a day’s work. 



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