Why dissidance ?

You would love to try pole dancing, aerial hoop, twerk or body fly, but don't find the "courage" to. You think you are “too this,”  “too that,” “not enough this,” “not enough that” ... STOP RIGHT THERE! When you attend a pole dance or twerk class, you will be exercising and working out, burning calories and shaping your body… Just as much as you will forget your blocks and let go after a day’s work. 



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new: yoga wheel

The latest prop to exercise and improve your flexibility in a soft but intense way. The best yoga innovation created in the US and adopted by pole dancers like others. All level class Sunday at 7pm.



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Pole dance challenge +40

Past July, we went out looking for 7 ladies aged 40+ (and even ++) ready to accept our challenge and take 7 pole dance classes. Women who wanted to challenge themselves first. After 2 weeks of training, each of them was able to say: "Yes, I can!". They ignored critics and prejudices. Some had NEVER done any kind of workout, never danced nor been to a fitness club. So what ? They followed their desire and did just as well as any younger neophyte pole dancer. Will you ?







1 month Discovery pass: CHF 99.-

Not quite sure what kind of dance, sport, circus activity you like ? Try every class and find out ! Our one month unlimited Discovery pass for only CHF 99.– (valid once per person) is ideal to test aerial hoop, stretch'n flex, yoga wheel, sexy fit, aerial yoga (body fly), pole dance of course and much more!